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Rob Nadler and Daisy Watling-Darrell

Susan was a steadying hand during the first few weeks of our sons's life and she made the transition to parenthood so much smoother. Susan proved to have a wealth of knowledge and was an excellent teacher (and incredibly patient). It is not and understatement to say that we would have been lost without her and very much look forward to seeing her again.


Firstly, I would like to say huge thank you. You have helped me tremendously during the first 4 days and last 3 of my holiday. As I was on my own those days, and I have a very active 8 months old to look after, I simply needed help. I have emailed you a few days in advance of our trip and you were quick to respond. I liked than. I have never met or spoken to you before, and I was slightly concerned to trust my baby to anyone, especially in the place where I dont know anyone. You were punctual. You come, and immediately won my daughter's trust. You were confident, experienced, pleasant, friendly and simply great with Gracey. You won my trust very quickly too. I have never had to worry when leaving Grace alone with you.

I am very happy to recommend you for a similar position as I'm sure you will be outstanding at it just as you were with Grace.

Feel free to forward this reference and provide my number if needed.

Many thanks


C'an Picafort 


Lisa Germondari

Susan looked after our three month old son for three weeks in September whilst we were holidying in Majorca. She looked after him on a part-time basis - so a combination of morning afternoons and evenings whilst we were out. She is extremely trustworthy and very good with babies. She was able to entertain our son for hours on end and make him laugh which is extremely important to us (and make us laugh too!).

She was also kind enough to look after out two small dogs whilst being at home with our son.

Susan has years of experience and is a fountain of knowledge on all things baby related. We highly recommend her.

Carolina Brochado (Travel Nanny Reference)

Susan travelled with us to the US to help us with our two small children (3 and 1 year olds) for 2 weeks. Susan provided incredible assistance so we could enjoy all the great vacation moments with the children but then also enjoy some time in the evening to ourselves. Susan helped us on both long haul flights, where she looked after our youngest, as well as local/domestic travel which included airplanes and cars. Susan was always ready for whatever we planned for the day and was happy to participate or stay behind and help us with logistics (cleaning clothes, buying food, packing/unpacking). Susan made meals and kept the kids on their routine as I requested as much as possible. She also helped us put them to bed several evenings. I could not recommend Susan highly enough for always knowing what to do and being excellent at managing family dynamics on a trip! 

Christima Too and Nicholas Harland

I confirm that Susan Wilson has worked for us as a maternity nurse from 15 Feburary 2019 up til now. 

We do highly recommend Susan. She has performed wonders with looking after our daughter who is now three months old and sleeping through the night. Susan lives with us and at all times, we have found her very dependable, hard-working, very discrete when she feels she needs to be, very courteous and very experienced in looking after babies. She also has a great sense of humour which has helped us through the more difficult moments in handling two children. Our son who is three years old adores Susan, even though she was very helpful in forcing him to sleep earlier on at night which was badly needed.

If you have any futher questions, please do not hestitate to contact us.

Hugo Parkinson

We hired Susan as a maternity nurse to 2-week-old twins for a period of 6 weeks from mid Feburary to end-March 2018. She worked 6 days per week and lived with us at our home in London, and was on duty for 20hrs per day with solo care overnight.

Throughour her time, I was delighted to have Susan in the house and she has been a wonderful support to us both. I work away for 2-3 nights each week and it was very calming to know that her quiet professionalism would be there in the background while i was away.

She is very personable, easy to get along with and fit well into our schedule. She is very knowledgable with babies, calming us and making sure we had a plan in place without being overbearing or offering too much advice - I definitely felt we had a safety net but were able to develop our own opinions and approaches on how we wanted to engage with the children. She is very thorough and diligent in everything she does with the babies and I can say with every confidence that I would trust her implicitly with their care.

She regularly took the babies out for solo walks to give us a chance to decompress, and she very kindly offered to babysit solo one night a week to ensure we were able to catch-up, which was especially important because of my travel.


I cannot recommend Susan highly enough- in fact, we have asked her to come back for a couple of week later in the year. 

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